We have divided New York City’s 5 boroughs and 303 unique neighborhoods into 14 geographic areas. Within each Neighborhood Focused Area, a highly trained development site specialist provides intimate knowledge of that area’s development sites and zoning codes in a way no generalist ever could. This Neighborhood Focused Platform™ is unique to development site advisors®, and uniquely valuable to you.

Our Services

Each service line is exclusively focused on development. Team members specialize in working with buyers, sellers, or end-users to uncover the right opportunity at the best possible price.



As the only development site brokerage in New York City, we offer unmatched expertise in the single most important factor determining a site's value-zoning.


There are ways to monetize your asset besides simply selling it. And they involve a deep and sophisticated understanding of your asset's zoning and development potential. This is where development site advisors® expertise can make all the difference.

Site Selection for Non-Profits

We recognize the unique site needs of schools, religious institutions and other not-for-profit organizations. Combining our niche experience with our proprietary database, we can help non-profits precisely identify sites that will best fit an organization’s goals.


Our proprietary tool that determines any asset's multiple development options and highest value, with surgical precision.


A methodical approach analyzing the sites current zoning, zoning possibilities and every development option for raw land along with its correlating value.


Our proprietary method of determining the quantity and monetary value of excess air rights generated by any given property.

Due Diligence Accelerator Package®

A curated package of information that makes it simple for developers to appropriately evaluate any site and make an informed offer, in a timely manner.